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Printing on Stone, Tile, and Wood

I recently discovered a unique technique to print on stone and wood canvas, blending the texture of the stone or grain of the wood with elements of the photo. Observers have suggested viewing a more painted look. The photos below barely represent the depth and tactile quality of the photo surface. The weight and permanance of stone or wood adds to the long term value and curiosity of the work. Although we may print multiple copies of the same image, each print is unique because the color and design of the surface is naturally independent with every print. Purchasing a stone, tile or wood canvas personalizes the print unlike any other. The printing is permanent, and although the wood canvas can be inserted into walls and floors, the tiles are not meant to be grouted, and are not guarenteed to survive exterior placement. They are meant to be viewed as an art piece.

Some of my work is currently on display at Adams Tile and Stone, in Marion, Iowa, and the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Gift Shop. More Stone/Tile Prints, Wood Prints, Canvas, and high quality framed photography will be showing at the Guaranty Bank, Bever Branch lobby durning the month of November, 2015 . As is with all artists, everything is for sale. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

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