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A Successful Collaboration with Rapids Reproductions

On April 17th, 2014, we presented a showcase COLLABORATION of photos printed with the technical expertise of Rapids Reproductions. We displayed prints on ceramic tiles, square composite tiles, marble, canvas, wood and various photo substrates including their water color, satin, and fine art bases. Below is an album of the evening layout. Extraordinary thank you's go out to all the staff at Rapids Reproductions, including Dan, Matt, Josh, Greg and of course the President, Gerald Mohwinkle for collaborating with us in their facilities. My extended thank you to Kay Christ, Kit Hersey, and my wonderful wife Joan for assisting with the show, and most thanks of all goes to Tracie Maurice who single-handedly organized the social, food, and display aspects. Without her, the event would not have happened....period.

To those who came we hope it was a visually enlightening experience. Those who were unable to come will want to see us at other events and through the web album below. Thank You.

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